Kim Rihal is the co-founder and co-CEO of Equal Education, an ambitious and growing social enterprise targeting inequality in education, around the globe. Kim’s experience is rooted in her membership of senior leadership teams and Headship of two inner City London Schools. Kim has been recognised by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as a prominent educator and rising prospect to tackle some of the most difficult education problems in London. She has spoken about her work in three different continents, as part of the Mayor’s international programme.

Kim was named in EY’s Winning Women in 2019 and most recently, was named Social Business Leader of the Year 2022 by Natwest and Pioneer’s Post. She is passionate about social mobility and social justice.

SBT's impact and value-add is a fantastic service to civil society. My current role is as a social entrepreneur, I understand the challenges and adversity faced in scaling impact and an organisation. I particularly look forward to ensuring as a Board we consistently deliver high quality decisions and governance, whilst ensuring we do not shy away from challenges.