Leap Confronting Conflict is an charity whose purpose is to give young people the skills to manage conflict in their own lives, reduce violence in their communities and help lead our society. 

They support young people to better manage conflict in their lives through increasing their skills and knowledge. Leap works in four ecosystems – supporting young people in care, those excluded from mainstream school, in inner-city communities and within the secure estate.

They believe that these young people can benefit the most from support in navigating the conflict in their lives. Building on over 30 years experience, their future focus is to use our expertise to ensure a long-lasting impact on the lives of young people, specifically:

  • Creating opportunities for Leap graduates to fulfil their aspirations
  • Developing programmes that take an early intervention approach
  • Supporting young young people to better navigate conflict

Leap works closely with the adults who support young people to help them better understand their own relationship to conflict, manage challenging behaviour and build trusting relationships with young people. 

Find out more about LEAP on their website