Case Study


January 29th, 2019

Pricing project for Twining Enterprise benefits all involved

Helping Twining Enterprise develop its pricing strategy brought unexpected rewards for EY’s Alice Bishop.  As a Senior Manager in EY’s Advisory Practice, Alice is usually found advising retail and consumer clients on commercial strategy.

Working with Twining, through Social Business Trust, brought fresh perspectives and new challenges: “It was a breath of fresh air and a learning experience to immerse ourselves in a new sector and business model. This was an opportunity we wouldn’t normally get,” she said.

Twining Enterprise (pictured in action here) provides employment support to help people with mental health conditions get or retain meaningful work. Their services are usually contracted by health providers, local authorities, government or private sector employers.

Alice led an EY strategy team to deliver a commercial model that Twining could use for their new contracts. This was encapsulated in a template to save Twining time and give them more confidence in the way they price.

Alice and her colleagues enjoyed working with Twining’s leadership: “Their candid honesty from the beginning meant that we could see what would be of the highest value to them. Because they were so engaged, we wanted to help them with as many things as possible. They asked us questions that went beyond pricing and it was satisfying for us to help them with a template here or a handbook there.”

Oli Jacobs, Twining’s CEO is delighted with the result: “We were impressed with the passion and enthusiasm with which they undertook the project and quickly understood our work. The model they have come up with will really serve Twining’s future development and sustainability of contracts and I can’t thank everyone enough.”

But although Twining gained from the experience, Alice says “the list of what we from EY got out of it was probably way longer.” She adds: “It’s often difficult to give junior people the breadth of opportunity we want to as a senior manager on a project. But because we were having so many sessions and the familiarity grew with Twining in that period, it was a safe environment to give our people an opportunity to learn and stretch themselves.”

Alice also believes the assignment helped her reflect on her approach to regular commercial projects: “It reiterated the need to respect the starting point of a business and make sure you have recommendations to fit them, whether they are global corporations or much smaller businesses.”

“Would I encourage other people to take up this sort of opportunity through SBT? Absolutely!”