March 21st, 2018

New film shows how senior business leaders work together through Social Business Trust to help great social enterprises grow

How does Social Business Trust (SBT) decide which social enterprises to support? The top business leaders who make those decisions are the focus of a new film from SBT published here today.

Inside SBT Investment Committee brings to life the work of senior executives from our corporate partners, who gather regularly to hear from leading social entrepreneurs about innovative solutions to problems in society.

Not only do they learn about major issues like educational disadvantage and elderly isolation but they collaborate to use the expertise within their businesses to address those challenges by supporting great social enterprises to scale-up and help more people in need.

Steve Varley, Chairman and Managing Partner of EY, UK & Ireland, who sits on SBT’s Investment Committee says there are several things that make it special: “Not just the companies we work with, not just the chemistry between all the players but fundamentally it’s the great companies that we get to see, it’s the expansion of the portfolio and helping these companies really achieve their potential.”

Sabine Chappard, Managing Director at Credit Suisse says that being part of Investment Committee also provides great developmental opportunities for senior people: “It’s a great way of volunteering your professional expertise and stretching your professional expertise in different ways that, actually, quite often you don’t have the chance to do within your organisation. So it’s a way to grow – it’s wonderful.”

Adele Blakebrough MBE, CEO of Social Business Trust said: “Having a hands-on Investment Committee with senior leaders from our corporate partners is central to our effectiveness.  They’re a powerful, highly-engaged group but their work usually happens behind closed doors.”

“We hope this film will provide some lively insights into what goes on and encourage other potential corporate partners to find out about how they can get involved in SBT.  We have a bold new target to help three million people and need even more business support to achieve our goal.”

SBT’s corporate partners are Bain & Company, British Gas, Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, EY, IBM, Permira and Thomson Reuters. Together they have provided £15 million worth of cash grants and business expertise, including 30,000 hours of world-class support, in seven years since SBT began.

In that time, the social enterprises SBT works with have, with our assistance, helped over 1.4 million people in the UK.

See the film now here.