November 8th, 2017

SBT announces new target to help millions of beneficiaries by supporting great social enterprises to grow

Helping three million people in need: that’s the bold new goal for Social Business Trust (SBT) announced by our CEO Adele Blakebrough MBE.

The target was unveiled at an event last night, hosted by EY, one of our eight corporate partners, to celebrate a record-breaking year of achievement for SBT.

Over 200 attendees heard how in 2016/17 SBT gave a record £3.1m of cash and in-kind support from its corporate partners to help great social enterprises to scale-up.

Together, those social enterprises in SBT’s portfolio also set a record: helping 615,000 beneficiaries in the same period, bringing the total number of people helped since SBT began in 2010 to 1,467,000.

Now SBT is set to more than double that cumulative beneficiary total in the next three years. “It’s a bold goal but we know our model works and we’re ambitious to do more.  I’m confident that with the help of great business partners we can help three million people and make an even bigger difference,” Adele said.

During the evening, awards were made to SBT’s partner businesses to mark their record-breaking contribution in the last year. Volunteers from Thomson Reuters, Permira, IBM, EY, Credit Suisse, Clifford Chance, British Gas and Bain & Company (pictured) received the awards on behalf of their companies.

SBT also announced a new award to fund a social enterprise CEO to attend Harvard Business School’s prestigious non-profit management course, donated by our co-founder and former chair Sir Damon Buffini.

Since 2010, SBT has helped 22 high-growth potential social enterprises and is currently working with 14. On average, social enterprises double their beneficiary numbers in the first two years of working with SBT.

Ruth Brock, CEO of Shakespeare Schools Foundation told attendees: “There are so many aspects of our work that would be much less effective without the completely crucial input of SBT.”

“Working with SBT as a social enterprise isn’t about having things done to your organisation.  It’s about working with an extraordinary resource which is mobilised and aligned to make you the best version of yourself.”