By Kendelle Wray, SBT Investment Manager

Many families are finding it tough this winter. Rising food and energy costs are digging into household budgets, leaving a lot of parents wondering if they’ll be able to buy gifts for their children.

The London Early Years Foundation, a network of 40 quality nurseries across the city, are acutely aware of the troubles faced by families: over 75 per cent of LEYF nurseries are in disadvantaged areas where the cost-of-living crisis is biting the most. 

That’s why their winter campaign, From One Family to Another, is so crucial. The campaign has called for donations of toys, food, clothes and toiletries – and people and businesses from across the community have responded, including four of our corporate partners.

We at SBT were proud to work with EY, Bain & Company, Clifford Chance and Permira to support their staff’s contributions to the donation drive. During my visit to EY a few days ago I saw their generosity up close. 

A lot of care had clearly gone into making the handmade blankets and knitwear, and I was moved when I saw a blanket that reminded me of one made by my grandma, an item I treasure to this day.

The aim of the campaign is to help parents and kids stay warm and fed this winter, while bringing a smile to little ones’ faces as they unwrap their presents. And the campaign is right in line with LEYF’s philosophy on early years education, believing all children regardless of where they live deserve the best possible start in life. Indeed, their business model breathes life into this motto. The nurseries in the wealthier areas of London, where parents can better afford childcare, subsidise places for children in the nurseries in the more disadvantaged areas.

All in all, From One Family to Another has been a remarkable effort by many people and organisations, with donations being distributed by LEYF’s partners along with Little Village and Baby Bank HQ,  two charities supporting families and children in London.

Moreover, the large and generous haul of donations will be of use beyond the cold months as the food not distributed over the festive period will go into LEYF’s foodbanks to help into 2023. This is particularly important as LEYF are on the verge of opening two new foodbanks to support families at their nurseries. 

“The campaign really shows the power of bringing people together and what you can achieve when an entire organisation comes together to help others,” said LEYF’s Partnership Manager Tracey Shinkins-Watson. “At the heart of this campaign is LEYF’s commitment to supporting families and local communities.”

Donation points are open at select EY, Bain & Company, Clifford Chance & Permira offices until Christmas Eve, and at Little Village in the new year or at any time online.

SBT has been proudly supporting LEYF since 2011

Kendelle Wray is an SBT Investment Manager on secondment from EY, where she’s a Manager in the Transactions Diligence practice