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In the second episode of SBT’s The Purpose Podcast, Volunteering and its role in the economy, Larissa Joy, OBE (Chair at SBT), Steve Varley (Global Vice Chair – Sustainability at EY) and Andy Haldane speaking in his capacity as Founder and Trustee of Pro Bono Economics (Chief Economist and the Executive Director of Monetary Analysis Research at the Bank of England), reflect on the role of volunteering, not only on the economy, but society as a whole.

The episode offers valuable insights into the role corporations can play in societal well-being, and the potential long-term benefits that volunteering can have. Along with host Toby Amis (Refinitiv), the guests conclude that corporations need to be more transparent in their reporting of in-kind time given and we can do much more to truly understand the long-term benefits of volunteering on individuals – and on the charities and social enterprises they help.

The Purpose Podcast is a five-part series, taking a look at the world of social enterprises, speaking to experts across social enterprises, charities and the world’s largest corporations to understand the benefits of corporate volunteering, and giving back to those in need.

“I think there’s an over measurement of financials and if the COVID crisis has taught us anything, it is that one must be more reflective and take a broader view of  what makes you happy and what makes you sad.”                                      - Steve Varley, Global Vice Chair – Sustainability – EY and Founding Member of SBT

The podcast marks our 10th anniversary, providing a #DecadeOfDifference to communities across the United Kingdom. Over the past decade, Social Business Trust has played a key role in supporting the sustainable growth of its portfolio of remarkable social enterprises, helping them deliver much needed social impact to nearly 3 million beneficiaries in the UK.